Preliminary Infill Subdivision Plans

Last Modified: February 28, 2014

Subdivision Plans - Infill are less than five (5) acres in area, in existing developed areas where more than 66% of the perimeter of the subdivision abuts existing single-family dwellings, and where any proposed lot is less than 80% of the median size or public street frontage of the abutting single-family lots. They require approval by the Planning Commission after a public hearing is held that is scheduled by the planning coordinator. Adjoining property owners within 100' must be notified of the time and date of the hearing. All plans that do not meet the criteria above to qualify as an Infill Subdivision Plan will be reviewed in an administrative process known as Preliminary Subdivision Plans.

The plan submittal package is delivered to the Development Services Customer Service Center and they route it to the Department of City Planning for processing. The Department of City Planning processes infill subdivision plans requiring Planning Commission approval pursuant to City Code Part 10 Chapter 3 Section 10-3032(d). After a client submits plans to the city, a planner will be assigned to coordinate the review. During the review process, the client will be assigned a date to attend the required Development Review Committee meeting where the plans will be evaluated in regards to aesthetics. The review team consists of city staff with expertise in Planning, Transportation, Transit, Stormwater, Utilities, Fire, Zoning, Forestry and Greenways.

The coordinating planner will send comments to the client regarding the project’s conformity to the City of Raleigh City Code. The client will be required to respond to each of these comments in writing and re-submit a revised set of plans for review.

Clients are recommended to attend their local Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) meeting to discuss the project.

The coordinating planner will assign a date for the client to attend the Planning Commission at the end of the review cycle. Client is advised to reference the bottom of the review comments sheet to prepare for the Public Hearing and the Planning Commission Meeting.

If the Planning Commission decides to approve the plan, an approval letter will be sent to the client. Typical Infill Subdivision approval takes approximately 10-12 weeks. If they choose not to approve the Infill Subdivision, the decision may be appealed to the City Council.

See the City of Raleigh Development Services Glossary for any unfamiliar terms.

Are there any prerequisites to this process?

  • Property must be within Raleigh's Jurisdiction
  • Property must be zoned for this particular use

How do I start the process?

  • Meet all prerequisites stated above
  • Complete a submittal package as detailed below

What do I need to submit to the City?

Required for Submittal Preliminary Development Plan Application

Fee (see Development Fee Schedule)
Recommended for a Successful Review Preliminary Development Plan Checklist
Required for Some Projects Wake County School Form

Preliminary Plan Acceptance and Routing Schedule:
Preliminary plans may be submitted to the Development Services Customer Service Center (DSCSC) during operating hours Monday through Friday. Upon acceptance, preliminary plans are routed weekly for review among city departments. In order to be reviewed with the current week's schedule, preliminary plans must be accepted no later than 3:00 p.m. Thursday of each week.* Any preliminary plan accepted after 3:00 p.m. Thursday for any reason will be included in the following week's review cycle.

* Exceptions to this schedule occur on weeks with a business holiday. Please contact the DSCSC for more information.

Where can I find detailed information regarding submittals?

  • Preliminary Development Plan Checklist

Where do I submit my application?

All commercial plans should be submitted to the Development Services Customer Service Center.

What are the keys to success?

  • Follow guidelines in the Preliminary Development Plan Checklist
  • Provide a thorough response to city staff comments in writing when re-submitting plans for re-review
  • Schedule a Pre-Submittal Conference to review issues that may come up in the formal review process

What fees are involved and when do I pay them?

  • See Development Fee Schedule
  • Payment type accepted is check made payable to: City of Raleigh and must be submitted with application
  • Fee payments are delivered to the Development Services Customer Service Center located at One Exchange Plaza, Suite 400, Raleigh NC as part of the Submittal Package (see above)

How long will this process take?

  • Each staff review cycle takes approximately 10-15 days
  • This process takes approximately 1-2 staff review cycles, dependent upon complexity of project and client's accurate and timely response to City plan review comments
  • Total process takes approximately 10-12 weeks including advertising, public hearing, Planning Commission meeting, and staff review cycles

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